Valentine's Day Chocolate Cheese Board With Salami Roses
Dark chocolate chunks or bars
Milk chocolate hearts
White chocolate chunks or bars
Goat cheese log
Sharp cheddar cheese
Gruyere cheese
Dried cherries
Dried apricots
Fresh raspberries
Fresh strawberries
Mini Brie or camambert
Red grapes
Crostini or crackers
16 Slices of salami (makes 1 rose)

Make the Salami Rose:

Using a stemless wine glass, place the pieces of salami over the lip of the glass — ⅔ of the piece of salami should be inside the glass and ⅓ should be outside the glass. Continue working your way around the glass overlapping the pieces of salami.

Make about two layers of salami around the rim of the glass, then pinch around the lip of the glass to really seal the salami pieces together.

On the board or plate which you want to display, place four pieces of salami down, each one overlapping like the petals of a flower — these are the outer petals of the salami rose. Turn the wine glass upside down and place the rose onto of the four salami petals. Repeat for additional roses around the board.

Arrange the Chocolate Cheese Board:

On your large cutting board or wooden display board, place the cheeses down around the salami roses. Scatter the chocolate around as well as the nuts, fruit and crackers. Serve.

4 to 6

What's Valentine's Day without some chocolate, cheese, fruit and roses. Salami roses, that is! Here's everything you need for the best cheese board to serve for Valentine's Day, complete with both dark and white chocolate, dried fruit and nuts, and a variety of cheese. Make roses out of salami slices for an edible version of the flower. It's a romantic cheese board for a romantic night.

Prep time: 10 minutes