3 Reasons Your TikTok Upside Down Pizza Failed

And how to fix it for next time.

3 Reasons Your TikTok Upside Down Pizza Failed

The upside down pan pizza on TikTok and Instagram recipe seemed like a new creative way to cook a crisp pizza at home. Put the dough on top of the sauce? What could go wrong?

Well, if everything seemed to go wrong when you made yours, don't worry. Whether it burned or stuck to the pan or came out undercooked, we're here to fix it.

Here are three reasons your upside down pizza failed — and how to fix it for the perfect upside down pan pizza right every time.

1. You Didn't Use Enough Oil in the Pan

You may know you need to oil the pan before layering in the sauce and toppings. But Jamika says you should add more than you're probably thinking.

"When you think you have too much, you still don't have enough. I mean, oil that thing up like a dancer on Magic Mike," Jamika says.

Coat the entire bottom and all the way up the sides.

2. You Didn't Use Enough Sauce

Sauce is going to keep moisture in the pizza, which also helps it all from sticking. So use more sauce than you think you need — Jamika says about 2 cups. It might look like a lot compared to a rightside up pizza, when the dough is there to hold everything. But trust us, you want to keep things moist in the oven. Plus, no one likes a dry pizza.

3. You Didn't Bake at the Right Temperature

Never guess again what temperature your oven should really be at, Jamika says 400 degrees F is the best temperature to cook your upside down pizza. Any lower and the dough and toppings won't cook enough. Any higher and you risk burning the outside before the inner layers are ready.

Now that you know why your upside down pan pizza failed and how to cook it right, try it again! Here's one of our own skillet pizza recipes. Try making it upside down!

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