Sweet Ginger & Beet Mocktail

You won't miss the alcohol.

Sweet Ginger & Beet Mocktail
4 oz Lime or Ginger sparkling seltzer
3 oz Diet ginger beer
2 oz Beet juice
1 oz Simple syrup
Splash of lime juice
Lime wheels, to garnish
Candied ginger, to garnish
Ice, to serve

Fill a 16-ounce tall glass with ice. In a cocktail beaker or small beverage pitcher, combine all of the ingredients, stirring gently so not to lose the carbonation. Pour the mixture into the glass. Garnish with lime slice and piece of candied ginger.


You won't be missing the alcohol in this delicious mocktail recipe. Brian Balthazar combines unique ingredients for a sweet and fizzy drink. Featuring ginger beer, beet juice and simple syrup, it's a bright and fresh recipe for the warmer months.

Prep Time: 5 minutes