3 Chef-Approved Tips for Serving Food at the Super Bowl Watch Party

Are you hosting a Super Bowl watch party for the first time this year? Or maybe you have the go-to couch for the big game day but want to spice things up this time. Whether you're new or familiar to hosting, we've got some of the best advice for serving food to a crowd of snacky, rowdy friends. Take it from Daphne Oz, Jamika Pessoa and guest chef Michael Symon. Here are their three tips for serving perfect food your guests will love and keeping them entertained at your Super Bowl party.

3 Super Bowl Party Hosting Tips

1. Do a B.Y.O.

Set up a fun Bring Your Own with your guests. Jamika likes the idea of everyone bringing a bottle of their favorite hot sauce. Set up a hot sauce bar for people to browse as they get food, or do games for people to vote which one is the best. Or the hottest? The risk is yours.

2. Finger Food Only

Make sure the food you serve is casual and hand friendly. The Good Dish guest chef Michael Symons says that means avoiding something like spaghetti and meatballs. You don't want to force people to sit in chairs with utensils. Get people up and mingling! Turn that sit down dinner into meatball sliders, Michael says, as an easy way to keep things simple (but delicious). And of course, everyone loves some good wings, potato skins, and fried food.

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3. Try an Edible Centerpiece

Daphne loves to make a statement on her food tables. She suggests trying an edible centerpiece for the party. That could mean a cascading array of fruits and veggies for people to both marvel at and eat. Pair it with hummus or your favorite dipping sauces.

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