The Salad Board: What Is It and How to Make It

This creation is the perfect meal for picky eaters and also makes a beautiful center piece.

The Salad Board: What Is It and How to Make It

Salad boards will change the way you eat by giving your family a choose-your-own-adventure dinner. It's also perfect for when you have friends over!

These new kinds of salads are all about displaying the beautiful and fresh ingredients on a cutting board. Not only can you see everything that's going in the meal, but you can pick and choose from the ingredients to make your own perfect bowl. Just spoon what you want into your bowl and enjoy!

To make Gail's Salmon Greek Salad Board, pictured above, display these ingredients:

Whole piece of roasted salmon with dill, salt and pepper
Romain spears
Red onion
Hearts of palm

Meg Quinn is an Instagram star for her beautiful salad boards she posts on @ainttooproudtomeg. She says there are two ways to approach your board. You can line everything up, with a row of lettuce first followed by lines of each salad ingredient. You can also stick to a toppings board: Give your guests bowls of lettuce and fill the board with all the delicious toppings.

Meg Meg Quinn


To make Meg's Winter Waldorf Salad Board, fill individual bowls with lettuce and then display these ingredients on the board:

Granny Smith Apples, cubed
Pomegranate seeds
Grilled chicken, cubed
Grapes, halved
Blue cheese, crumbled
Toasted walnuts
Celery, chopped

Not only are they wonderful meals anyone can enjoy, but these salad boards also create a beautiful centerpiece for the dinner table.