Oklahoma Fried Onion Burgers

Smashed and crispy and divine.

Oklahoma Fried Onion Burgers
1 Sweet onion, sliced as thinly as possible
Kosher salt, to taste
1 tbsp Vegetable oil
10 oz Ground beef, 80% lean, portioned into 4 balls
4 slices American cheese
2 Potato rolls

In a bowl, mix the onion slices with 1 tablespoon salt and let rest for 20 minutes. Drain the onion slices, squeezing out any excess water, and then mix them with oil.

Heat a large cast iron griddle or 12-inch frying pan over medium-high heat until smoking hot. Make four piles of sliced onion in the pan, then nestle a beef ball on top of each pile. Using a stiff metal spatula, smash each ball down into the frying onion slices to flatten it. Leave to cook on high until the onions are deeply browned around the edges, about 4 minutes.

Flip the burger-and-onion piles over and then lay a slice of cheese on top of each. Then place the roll halves, cut side down, over the top of each pile to steam. Cook the burgers for 2 minutes longer. Transfer the rolls, cut side up, to two plates and scoop two patties, with all of the crispy melted cheese and onions, onto the warmed roll buns, cover with the roll tops and serve immediately.

2 double burgers

Take your regular burger to the next level with this recipe from Matt Rodbard and Daniel Holzman's "Food IQ" guidebook. Here, all the flavor comes from thinly sliced onions fried to caramelized, crispy perfection and a gooey slice of melted American cheese. It's all smashed together with the ground beef for burger that's simple and divine all at once.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

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