5 Kitchen Hacks That Will Change the Way You Cook

Kristopher Juniel, TikTok-er and host of "Problem Solved," has the quick tricks to solve your worst kitchen problems

5 Kitchen Hacks That Will Change the Way You Cook

You know that little thing that drives you crazy in the kitchen? There's a hack for that! Kristopher Juniel, TikTok-er and host of "Problem Solved" from USA Today, has all the simple and quick tricks to solve your worst kitchen problems: from chopping onions and microwaving food to dropping a glass on the floor.


It's everyone's worst nightmare: the dreaded cold spot after microwaving food. So what's the solution?

Kristopher suggests using the "ring technique." Because the microwave heats the food from the outside into the middle, plating your food in a ring can help it cook evenly.

"You can push all your food to the edges of the plate or dish to help prevent that cold middle," he said.


The microwave may be quick and easy, but it can also leave you with some dry leftovers. What's the solution?

Put some moisture in the microwave with your food, Kristopher says.

"Something as simple as a touch of water over the leftovers or a wet paper towel placed over them can help solve that common issue and keep your dishes moist. This will stop dishes like chicken from drying out," he said.

So simple!


You love heading to the fridge for that leftover pizza, but then you know it's not going to stay crispy when you reheat it! What's the solution?

Kristopher suggests absorbing the extra moisture with a paper towel while it's microwaving.

"You can place a dry folded paper towel under the pizza when putting it in the microwave. This will keep your crust crispy and avoid soggy reheated pizza. This works with a lot of those crispy dishes we all love," he said.


Do we even have to discuss chopping onions? Here's how to keep from crying.

Wet a paper towel and keep it near your cutting board.

"Placing a wet paper towel next to the onions you are chopping helps. The idea behind this is that the acid onions release is attracted to a water source (like your eyes and nose). So if you place another water source — in this case, a wet paper towel — closer to the onions and their tear-inducing acids, then you won't cry," he said,


Drop a glass on the floor? Is shattered glass and tiny shards all over the place now? Here's what you need.

Bread. You read that right.

"After you discard those larger chunks of glass in a bag, it gets really difficult to clean up those finer pieces left over. But what you can do is take a slice of bread and press it into the area to scoop up those tiny pieces," Kristopher said.

Game changer.

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