Self-Care Ideas: 3-Ingredient Hydrating Foot Mask

You probably already have the ingredients!

Self-Care Ideas: 3-Ingredient Hydrating Foot Mask

Hhere's a simple recipe when you need to give your feet a little pick-me-up. It's a three-ingredient hydrating foot mask you can make right at home with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen!

DIY Hydrating Foot Mask

Blend these ingredients together:

  • Cucumber (for hydration)
  • Lemon juice (for exfoliation)
  • Olive oil (for deep moisture)

Pour the mix into two plastic bags and slip your clean bare feet inside. Close the tops by slipping a rubber band, hair band, string or ribbon around your ankles.Kick back and relax for 20 minutes, and then rinse off your feet.

Now, the great thing about this DIY recipe is that you can customize it to your foot needs. Try swapping the cucumber for yogurt if you need to soften up some callouses.

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