These Serum Ingredients Are Good Enough to Eat, Too

Try a ‘serum and sip’ routine and start your week off feeling great.

Illustration with tea bags

Who doesn’t love a good Sunday routine? If you’re into skincare, then you already know that a top-notch serum can help with a variety of skin issues from treating dark spots to smoothing out wrinkles. But not all serum ingredients are created equal. And some ingredients are not only good for you topically, but they can also help on the inside as well. So, if you’re looking for a simple way to expand your skin care regimen, here are 2 ingredients to try for your skin — and your stomach.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a dermatologist-coveted skin care ingredient that is used in everything from eye serums to face creams. It’s been shown to make skin appear brighter and more even, while also reducing hyperpigmentation and helping to minizine past sun damage. Vitamin C has also been shown to promote collagen production, which may help to diminish fine lines.

While people love it topically for its skin brightening properties, when taken internally, Vitamin C has also been shown to improve immune system deficiencies and may play an important role in brain and eye health.

Pairing a vitamin C serum with a boosted drink like this Hibiscus and Ginger tea will help to keep your immunity strong all winter long. Or try this green smoothie: Vitamin C Smoothie With Kale, Banana & Ginger

Green Tea

In numerous studies, green tea extract was found to reduce the appearance of rosacea and acne. Smaller studies have also shown green tea’s ability to improve to the skin’s elasticity.

Green tea in a serum may also help to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes due to its anti-inflammatory proprieties. Think of it as the updated version of your grandmother putting actual tea bags on her eyes. And it’s backed by science: A 2010 report found that the caffeine in green tea can constrict blood vessels, which may lead to a reduction in swelling.

Speaking of tea bags, drinking green tea also has a slew of health benefits, from reducing inflammation and helping to fight cancer. Pairing your serum with a warm cup of green tea will give you twice the antioxidant boost.

P.S. While you’re drinking a warm cup of green tea, you can even reuse the tea bag in a DIY hair mask.

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