'Spider Web' Funnel Cakes

No web-shooter? No problem.

Canola oil, for frying
2 Batches of favorite pancake mix
1/2 tsp Salt
2 tbsp Granulated sugar
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1 tbsp Vanilla extract
1/4 cup Powdered sugar, for garnish

Fill a large Dutch oven or cast iron skillet halfway up with canola oil. Heat to 350 degrees F.

Mix the pancake batter according to package instructions and add in the salt, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and water. Whisk to combine.

Ladle the batter into a 2 cup measuring cup or squeeze bottle. Pour in a slow and steady stream into the oil in a circular pattern to create a spider web of batter in the oil. Cook for about 2 minutes and flip with tongs. Then cook for another two minutes on the other side.

Remove to a paper towel lined plate and dust with powdered sugar. You can also add your favorite toppings.

You may not have a web-shooter like Peter Parker but you can make your own "webs" in your kitchen with these crispy, fluffy funnel cakes. And the best part? It all starts with your favorite boxed pancake mix! A simple recipe topped with all the best toppings you can think of. Enjoy them while you watch the new "Spider-Man: No Way Home" movie. Rated PG-13.

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