Daphne Oz's Simple Skincare Routine: Cleanser, Serum & Gua Sha

Daphne Oz's Instagram page has become a place for women to get simple skincare advice. She tries out beauty tools and products so you don't have to. So now she's bringing her personal routine to you. Here's exactly how Daphne cares for her skin and keeps her glowing complexion.


Gua sha, which originates in Chinese medicine, is a type of facial massage using a specially designed stone. It's said to help relieve tension in the face and reduce puffiness and inflammation. In the morning you simply run the stone across your face. Check out the chart below for directions.


Daphne says serums are a big deal! She says they act as a massive dose of vitamins and nutrition for your skin. It's best to apply serums after you exfoliate and get all that debris and dead skin off your face. After the serum is when you moisturize.

Daphne likes serums because they come in many different varieties that hyper-target exactly what you need help with. She uses a vitamin C serum to help with brightening skin discoloration like sunspots. Some studies show that topical vitamin C can treat a variety of inflammatory skin conditions and minimize redness and pigmentation.

2-Step Face Wash

Remove Makeup With Coconut Oil
Daphne recommends using coconut oil in this step because it is antimicrobial and inexpensive. She says nothing works better. Coconut oil is her #1 trick for getting rid of stubborn makeup and cleaning your skin at the same time. Just wet your face, massage with coconut oil, and remove it all with a warm wet washcloth. Because it's antibacterial, it'll help keep breakouts at bay while also moisturizing.

Wash With a Hydrating Cleanser
Go for hydrating, not stripping. If your cleanser is too harsh on your skin, it can strip your face of all your natural oils and leave your skin dry. Daphne says we should use a nourishing hydrating cleanser that is oil-based. Daphne says her skin is dry and sensitive, so she likes to use a gentle cleansing balm every day. She also likes to use one with hyaluronic acid for extra hydration.

Need a deeper cleanse? Try an enzymatic cleanser. It can help restore brightness and freshness if you're experiencing breakouts and congestion or have been wearing heavy makeup or doing sweaty workouts. Daphne uses one twice a week. She likes cleansers with a combo of papaya and pumpkin enzymes. She says they help remove dead skin cells and gently slough them off, leaving you with a really fresh glowing complexion without having to use abrasive chemical exfoliation.

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