3 Life-Changing Kitchen Items on Amazon for Under $15

Everything you need for a price point you want.

3 Life-Changing Kitchen Items on Amazon for Under $15

When putting together your dream kitchen, most will include a beautiful countertop as well as having every pot and pan you can imagine. But sometimes the thing you need is also the cheapest! We found essential kitchen items on Amazon that all cost under $15! Yes! Our hosts have selected their favorite items and are sharing them with you.

3 Kitchen Items on Amazon Under $15

Pancake Press: $13

This little device can be used for way more than what its name suggests. This pancake press is also used to make eggs, cookies, and any other circular food you might enjoy. Its compact style allows for easy storage and its quick heating griddle makes morning breakfast easy and fun for the whole family. Even dad can make breakfast on school mornings! For the ticket price of just under $13, Jamika reminds us that, although meals in bed can be a hassle, this little griddle miracle makes special holidays like Mother's Day a little bit more fun.

Y Veggie Peeler: $12

How many times have you been in your kitchen and looked for the perfect knife to peel your vegetable? What if there was an easier way? The Y peeler, which rings in at a reasonable $11.99, is going to save not only your fingertips but your salads as well. This simple device can also be used for parmesan cheese, chocolate, and any other fruits and vegetables you can think of! The Y peeler will soon become your favorite tool in the kitchen. Even Gail keeps seven in her kitchen!

Cherry Pitter: $8

When making desserts or even making a good cocktail, foods like cherries and olives can make for a really difficult time. Digging the pit out can not only be a hassle, but you can lose a lot of the surrounding meat. So what do you do? Go to Amazon and buy an $8.29 cherry pitter! This easy-to-handle device is perfect for adults and children and helps to alleviate some of the stress on your hands. Daphne tells us it is as simple as: "take a cherry or an olive, something with a pit in. Line it up with the red zone and pop the pit right out." Easy peezy.

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