2 Small Kitchen Tools That May Save You Big Time & Space

Both of which are crucial for the holidays.

During the holiday season, your time and kitchen space is more valuable than ever. How can you maximize both to entertain family and serve a delicious meal? Here are two small gadgets that may make a mighty difference.


Cook healthy meals with limited-to-no oil in this little appliance. You get all the crispness and flavor without the high calories and fat. Plus, it's got a 5-quart crisper basket. So you can make entire entrees (like this sweet chili-glazed salmon) without the stress of fighting for kitchen space. And when both the crisper tray and basket are dishwasher safe, cleanup is simple.

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With a cool, retro style, you'll want to store food in here. But why would you need another fridge in your kitchen? Use it to chill drinks while saving your main fridge for large food storage. It can also keep drinks and snacks at an arm's reach for anyone who works from home. Or, going to someone else's house for the holiday party? Take it in the car (it's got a special car plug) to keep drinks or side dishes cool on the ride.

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